Wedding Photography: Popular Terms Made Simple

In today’s very competitive wedding photography market it is not unusual to be faced with a lot of terminology and in some cases jargon that some photographers use to describe the type of work that they do. Whilst a lot of this can be useful information sometimes it can just seem like a marketing strategy. It is often assumed that the happy couple will understand what is trying to be portrayed well; unless this is not your first time to be married it can seem quite daunting.

Below are listed some of the more common phrases you may come across with a simple explanation as to what they mean.

Traditional Wedding Photography

This is exactly what it infers, these photos will be the type that are very posed a throw back to when everyone had to stay very still as the cameras exposure time could take quite a while. Although this is not so fashionable today there are still some that want the formal shots of family members all together, bride and groom only, and so on.

Candid Wedding Photography

This is also known as “fly on the wall” photography. The idea here is to take shots that are totally natural, capturing people when they are unaware of the photographer.

Formal Wedding Photography

These types of photos are where everyone is carefully arranged and everyone looks directly at the camera. It’s most likely not the way you would want your whole album to be shot but you will find that your parents or older members of your wedding party would like to see some shots taken in this way.

Magazine-Style Layouts

This seems to be quite popular nowadays, it refers to the album design that uses more than one image on a page or it could be spread over two pages creating dynamic layouts that tell mini stories about certain times in the day.

Fashion-Style Wedding Photography

This is the kind of style that you would normally see in magazines. The shots are semi-directed meaning the best back-drops are chosen with strategically placed lighting, the bride and groom will be partially posed capturing a “natural” look.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

This is normally shot in Black and White. This phrase has taken over from the Documentary description which would have taken any shot no matter the situation a warts and all type photo. Photojournalistic means that the story of your day will be taken in photo but in the most flattering way whilst still looking impromptu.

Reportage Wedding Photography

Now this one is definitely jargon, it’s just an attempt at making photojournalistic photography sound more up-market.

Spot-color Photographs

This style of photography refers to only part of the image being left in color whilst the rest is made to look sepia or left in black and white. Although this can look very effective to begin with it does have the drawback of making your album look a bit gimmicky and it can make your album seem out-dated before its time.

Whatever style you choose for your wedding day Sydney wedding photography is sure to never be boring.