Austin Texas Wedding Photography

Wedding photography in Austin, Texas can result in beautiful artsy photographs. In Austin some places are complete desert with cactus, tumbleweeds, and dirt while just across town you have lush greenery, trees, and flowers. There are several locations that have bridges running over rivers. Other locations include all the beautiful lakes around Austin. Downtown Austin has gorgeous architecture and old buildings for backgrounds. Austin is a great place for engagement, bridal portraits, and wedding photographs.

Wedding photography has changed over the years. Today’s wedding photographers are cutting edge and can provide beautiful photos that are in themselves art. Different styles have emerged including photojournalism, artistic, creative and even the good old traditional style. A great photographer would have the ability to combine all of these styles. This would give the bride and groom the best coverage and selections available. While the bride may not want the traditional poses her parents are surely going to want the traditional family shots. That is why it is important to find a photographer that can provide complete coverage in an artistic, photojournalism style with the traditional shots.

Another suggestion is to find a photographer who knows Austin and all the great locations for a successful photo shoot. Find a photographer who knows how to enhance images. Find a photographer that is experienced with Photoshop and can easily retouch photos. They can transform an ordinary shot into a magical work of art.

Another given today is a coffee table book or flush mount album. All major wedding photographers offer these books to their clients. Having a photographer that can design these books in house is a benefit to you. Changes you want will be easier to accomplish if your photographer is the designer and not using a 3rd party.

Look for a photographer who has experience with weddings. It is best to use a professional wedding photographer who has shot many weddings. This gives them the experience they need to know when certain events are going to happen and the know how to successfully capture that event. As some families may be huge they have the experience of setting families up in poses. You definitely don’t want a new photographer bumbling around with his equipment or your family poses when your time for photography is limited by your planned events.

Your time may be limited at your facility. You may want to scout locations around Austin and have your wedding portraits taken a few days after your ceremony. These can make for better photographs as you are not time constrained and can be relaxed. Try to find a photography company that will send 2 photographers to your event. This not only gives you better coverage it also cuts down on the time you are away from your guests having your photos made. The 2cd photographer helps your family members get into position and poses. This is a great time saver.

Try to find a photographer that can work within your budget. If you can’t afford their photography packages see if they can customize one to suit your needs. Try to eliminate items from packages that you may not need or want.